In a twist 

According to a video by LA times, the world wastes 160 billion pounds of food per year. This is a very large amount of resources that could be feeding families in need or could still be sold. In Montana, gallons of milk are being trashed or dumped everyday because they have passed the “sell by” date. 

According to many researchers cited in the video, these dates are arbitrary values that have been set with no scientific backing. In fact, the milk is dumped after 12 days from pasteurization but it can be for sale at least 21 days after. This is due to the inconsistency of regulations throughout the country. Different states and regions set their own rules on produce and goods and businesses are forced to follow them. 

This reminded me of the unit system used by America Vs. the rest of the world. While the US is still struggling with inches and feet, other countries (such as England) have already converted to the metric system. The US refused to convert to the universally accepted system because they are not willing to take the financial repercussions. Much like the expiration date situation, failure to set a widely accepted standard may result in a continued waste of food and inconvenience. 


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