Car Wash

Photo of members at carwash by me. 

Some may call it a series of unfortunate events; but I call it a failed car wash! At first, we thought it was going to rain, then we had no materials to wash cars (such as hoses and soap), then after we got them, we forgot posters!! 

It was pretty easily resolved by moving the date, however, the worse part was finding a place to store the buckets and towels and hoses. 

A kind member, some board members, and I carried the heavy items about 1 mile from the gas station to someone’s house. It was the most physically strenuous activity I have done in a while. The next day, my arms and shoulders were all sore. However, we got to bond and all got Korean barbecue after. It was a pretty fun day and I guess that’s why they say mistakes build character! We also learned that hoses are REALLY REALLY HEAVY. 


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