Zine Machine 

Picture by me: Zibha 

Miss Zibha the zebra, a heavy advocate of zines and librarian, came to our English class the other day to speak about how they are able to connect people and express ideas. 

Jonna Revanche has written an article– “I read zines to escape surveillance and click bait. It’s the new teen rebellion.” It is about how zines are an effective method of creating and distributing information without having it be monitored or regulated: “there’s a liberty to creating, or witnessing subversive material knowing that it won’t be monitored, that the information is contained only within the pages of the zine.”

The ideas expressed in the article are very similar to Zibha’s. in particular, the simplicity of creating your own zine and publishing by yourself. In Zibha’s presentation, she emphasized how zines were not hard to make; they only required your time and creativity. The results are a form of art that people can enjoy and gain information from. 


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