Spam Musubi

Photo by me: poster I made for FVKC

At FVHS’s annual Spring Fest, the various clubs on campus all decide to sell a food item. Our club, FV KeyClub, decided to sell spam musubi, just like the years before. 

Everyone was assigned to cook rice, fry spam, or buy seaweed. We had a sweatshop 2 hours before spring fest, just making the spam musubi and posters. 

Half an hour before it started, we cleaned up and rushed over to school to set up. We took out our table and canopy, tables and lights, and set out our food. Within 45 minutes, our club had sold out!!! We all cheered as the last one was bought. 

In the end, all of our hard work payed off and we made a lot of money for our club. We also got to enjoy the rest of spring fest since we no longer had to run the booth! 


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