Zoomy Bird Vs. Pingnguyen

Photo taken by me. 

In math class last week, a fellow student and I were doodling in the back board. I drew a zoomy bird, while Ben Pham decided to draw Pingnguyen. We created a poll that allowed fellow students to vote on who they thought was the superior Bird; other periods were also able to participate. It was a pretty even match up, but by the end of the week, zoomy bird had taken the lead. 

To investigate the cause of this sweeping win, I will examine their strengths and weaknesses. 

To begin, zoomy bird is a quick and agile creature that has wings and a beak protruding from the side of its head. “Why does it have a beak and a mouth?” many will ask. The answer is simple. The aerodynamics of the beak allow the zoomy bird to zoom faster than its opponents while being able to smile and eat. Also, it’s wings are there for aesthetic and not for use. It kills its opponents with its dazzling good looks. “Just look at it, it’s a zoomy bird!” explains Matt Bui, a supporter of Zoomy Bird. 

To move on, Pingnguyen is a larger, more powerful creature with a wide variety of toes. “Look at all its toes!” exclaims Vivian Dang, a strong supporter of Pingnguyen. The backwards facing cap adds a cutting-edge look and feel to Pingnguyen’s overall image and can be flipped forward in order to provide sun protection. Its thin handlebar moustache completes its look with class and style. 

Overall, with this tough match up, it is unclear at why Zoomy Bird had taken the win, but the people have spoken in favor of smaller bird. 


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