Trump attaks and dishoners English

All of Washington seems to be “swimming in a sea of typos,” according to Allan Fallow’s expository article. Fallow cites examples such as Trump’s first tweet as President of the United States, inauguration posters on the Library of Congress, inspirational quotes from the Department of Education, and more more. 

This shows how the very institutes that are suppose to promote knowledge and represent our nation are somewhat incapable of setting a good example. If they cannot handle a small 140 character tweet, how will they organize an entire educational system for the whole nation? 

On the other hand, however, mistakes are unevitable and humorous at times. A question I have is: if it was not Trump, but a previous president, would the backlash still be as extreme? Or has Trump become the first POTUS to make silly spelling mistakes on social media? It seems as though he is not taking his platform of influence seriously enough and is speaking as care freely as he did prior to office. Although a few mistakes are understandable, it is the president’s job to represent the country and with his position of power, there is really no excuse for his lack of attention to detail. 


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