Over the year, I have been updating this blog weekly. At first, it was three blogs a week about anything I wanted, then it shifted to only two blogs a week, where one was about a set topic and the other was about anything.


When seeing my blogs as a whole, it seems that I have gravitated most toward the “investigate category.” With everything I observe in daily life, the ones that actually prompts me to write a blog about are things that I want to look into further. The things I blog about are things that I am interested in.


Here, when I look at my tags, it seems that I do not talk about a certain subject more than once. Most of the tags are authors of the piece I am analyzing or very generic terms. My most used tag is “zapfv” which doesn’t really count, but shows that I belong to a certain group of bloggers. Next, pictures, life, and spirit, all tie with a count of 2 times used. House on Mango street does not count (once again), since it was for a class assignment. The words I used most were large umbrellas that cover a large area. They seem to be positive things that I wonder about all the time (must be why investigate and question are my top two categories). Life in particular is a topic that I will never stop investigating and questioning.

In one of my past blogs, Forever, I “investigate” the meaning of pictures. This is a blog post that I feel I could expand to over 1000 words. For me, I enjoy taking photos everyday of my daily life, and of large events. Even though Snapchat is meant for temporary pictures, I almost always save every snap I send because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

This post continues to interest me since I feel the power of photography and its connection to memories everyday. When I scroll through old photos, or a “tbt” photo gets posted, it brings me back to that moment and gives me feelings of nostalgia and happiness and sadness and excitement and anger and whatever I was feeling at that moment. Looking at old photos is almost like reliving the adventure once again.

However, one must be careful not to get too caught up in photos. You need to experience the moment in order for the photo to have meaning.


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