Real Eyes

In class, we listened to an audio interview discussing the results of a “fake news” tweet. A generic photo of dying flowers was attached, with a caption stating how the nuclear war affected these plants. After a few hashtags and a very general photo, a large percentage of the surveyed students chose to believe the “news source.” The article also warned that without proper exposure and caution, young people will be susceptible to falling for these false stories. 

This reminded me of a quote I heard a while back; “real eyes realize real lies.” I interpreted this as in the real eyes are the people who have experienced real life. They are able to distinguish the lies from the truth due to their past experiences and knowledge. I thought this related to the interview since the professional claimed that the only way to prevent people from falling for fake news was to expose them to it so they can learn from it. 

Also, with the drastic increase of social media and filtered information, people should have an even greater caution for deception. As seen in my featured image, i pretend to blend in with the other ducks. With proper exposer to apps such as “Snapchat,” and other editing apps, people would be able to recognize that this is an edited photo, not a real capture. 


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