Ferris Wheel

The other day, I was at Irvine Spectrum with my friend. We decided to buy tickets to go on the Ferris wheel. As we were next to board the ride, excitement and wonder filled our minds. 

However as the ride began to turn, we suddenly halted in our movements. The cart that carried us was not a cage, but an open seat. We had the potential to fall out and die. As we reached the apex of the wheel, we were screaming for our lives. 

This brings me to my next point. When someone is “scared of heights,” are they scared of the height distance from the ground, or scared of dying if they fell that distance from the ground. Some people are not scared of heights; they can confidently walk along the edge of a skyscraper roof smile at the camera. Does this mean they are not afraid of how high up they are off the ground? Or does it mean they do not fear death? 


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