Mind Tricks 

Photographs have a spooky way of playing with our minds. The way we perceive the picture is not always accurate to what it really is. 

The other day, I was eating lunch at a noodle restaurant and snapped a pic of these red chopsticks to my friend on snapchat. They replied back with, “are you buying makeup?” I thought that was a strange question so I replied, “no, why would you ask that?” 

As I snapped them back, I took a picture of the same spot and realized what they saw. They saw sticks of red makeup, not red chopsticks. They didn’t know the context of the picture, and could only interpret what they saw. 

This reminds me of other media picture controversys on the web. For example, the blue and black or white and gold dress. And recently, the oily legs or white paint on legs picture. 


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