AP Chemisery

AP Chemistry is one of the toughest courses offered at FVHS. In order for students to take it, they must take either a year of regular chemistry or a summer preparatory class. 

For me, it is a really stressful class because I never know what’s going on. The 3-4 hour weekend labs are especially traumatizing. 

HOWEVER, there are a few sophomores who are taking this class without the one year of regular chemistry. In fact, some of them are doing well. I don’t know how this is possible and I believe there are robots attending our school. Send help. 

Recently, there has been a weekend lab where we were finding the limiting reagent of a chemical reaction and doing 5 observational demos. It was challenging and nerve wracking but actually turned out to be pretty fun. I guess AP chemisery isn’t that miserable. Now I have to do the write up….


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