Born Bad

Media these days has been promoting a very positive message: be yourself. As I was reading this chapter “Born Bad,” in House on Mango Street, I thought, what if “yourself” was born bad. 

“Most likely I will go to hell and most likely I will deserve to be there” -Esperanza 

Esperanza has been told throughout her life that she was born on a cursed day. She seems to have accepted the fact that she is doomed. 

However, shouldn’t people try to change themselves to be a better person, instead of sticking to this notion and continue their bad habits? I think the “be yourself” message only applies to your physical appearance or things you can’t change about yourself. If you can work harder to achieve great things, you should. If you can eat healthier and excercise more often to look and feel better, you should. 

Some people are “born bad” and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with changing yourself in order to improve. 


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