It is bell week at FVHS! Everyone is decked out in their spirit wear in preparation for the big game. On Thursday, the dress up theme was “Edison nerd day.”

It was a fun day since we got to make fun of the other school, and they got to make fun of us (since they had a Fountain Valley nerd day). 

While this was all fun and games, it made me wonder why being a “nerd” was something to be made fun of. A “nerd” has a negative stigma, however, is surrounded by positive characteristics such as intelligence, determination, and drive. So why does it have such a negative view? 

The status of the nerd has definitely improved from the old generation to now. Or so I believe based on old high school movies. According to those movies, nerds were ostracized and bullied for their academic excellence and appearance. But nowadays, they are more respected and can even be considered cute. This shows how opinions and trends can change over time. 


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